Monday, April 3, 2017

Slimming with Syns

Hi Dear Folk,

My sister has had great success with Slimming World, which I think is only in the UK, but correct me if I'm wrong.

There are three different plans, Original and Green and another plan introduced later the  Extra Easy plan.  My sister likes this one most of all.

Food is split into three groups Free Food, Healthy Extras and Syns.  Most of your daily food should be taken from the free food group.  In that group you can eat as much as you like and that food is free.

Free Food
Free food is split into two groups - free and superfree.

Superfree Foods
Fruit and vegetables which are free on all plans, no matter which you are following, these include, but are not limited to fruit - fresh or frozen but not cooked or tinned.  Vegetables - with a few exceptions such as peas, sweetcorn, parsnips, potato and sweet potato.

On the Extra Easy Plan these things are also free
Eggs anyway you like as long as you use low fat cooking spray.  Fat free and very low fat dairy, including plain and some fruit yogurts, very low fat cottage cheese, very low fat fromage frais, skimmed milk soft cheese such as quark. Meat replacement, such as quorn, tofu.

Low calorie soft drinks, black tea and coffee.

Stock cubes and other seasonings that are free.  Also fat free salad dressings that are less than 40 calories per 100 ml can be used freely.

Meat, bacon, beef, chicken, ham, pork, turkey etc all skin and fat removed.  Mince should contain less than 5% fat.  Most things like sausages and burgers have a syn value.

Seafood, fish free unless canned in oil
Pulses, beans, including baked bean, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans etc
Rice, Pasta and Grains, couscous all types of dried pasta, quinoa, bulgar wheat etc all types of rice
Starchy Vegetable, potatoes, peas sweetcorn, parsnips, sweet potatoes etc.

All of the above is free and no weighing or counting.

Healthy Extras
Healthy extras are additional foods that out bodies need, on the Extra Easy Plan you can chose one "A" choice and one "B" choice per day.

"A" choices are dairy foods that are high in calcium, ie

350ml skimmed milk
28g cheddar
42g feta
42g mozzarella
42g reduced fat cheddar
3 mini Baby Bel light cheese

"B" choices are high in fibre ie

35g porridge oats
2 Weetabix
57g wholemeal bread
4 original Ryvita

Syns - stands for synergy, and every food that isn't on the free foods list has a syn value.  Everyday you can have up to 15 syns to know these amounts one could get online Slimming World and look up their recipes or buy some off their books, you can find them on Amazon and Ebay.  ie

140ml glass of wine is 5 syns
2 finger Kitkat is 5.5 syns

I'm writing all this down to solidify this in my mind.  I have looked online and there is a Canadian Blog called Slimming Eats and Siobhan will keep you totally supplied with wonderful recipes and their values, to download and print.  Plus she explains much more on how this works than I have.

Now I have confused the heck out of you I will depart.


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  1. Yes slimming world is very popular here along with weight watchers. I think the encouragement is that you go to weekly meetings and have a weigh in so of course you don't want people to see that you have not lost anything. It is a lot easier than calorie counting. It seems to me that I would be eating more on that diet than I do normally!


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