Saturday, April 8, 2017

Anne Frank Exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2017 - Part 3

Hi Dear Folk,

Continuing with the theme of Holland at the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show, was the Anne Frank Exhibit.

While wartime life carried on outside Anne Frank and her family were in hiding in the heart of Amsterdam for over two years. When Jean and I visited this time last year, we saw the outside of the building they hid in, right by a main canal in the midst of the city.

I enjoyed this remembrance of Anne Frank.

Miep Gies would smuggle in a bunch of flowers for them to enjoy, spring time in Amsterdam.



  1. So sad that they survived so long and just at the end she died. Maybe we will get to see the house another time but will be very sad.

  2. When youngest son wanted to read it we talked to a woman in Barnes and Nobles who had been to the house. What struck her so much was how very small the area was that they hid. She could not imagine being there for so long. They wanted to live so did just that. It is terribly sad though. So many lives lost that cut off so young. Even our brothers and sisters.

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