Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese Gardens

 Hi Dear Folk,

Mr. B. and I decided at the last minute to see the Japanese Gardens and cherry blossoms at Fairmount Park.  Unbeknownst to us there was a Cherry Blossom Festival being held.  This was not quite the day I envisioned.

Would this style of dress be considered Japanese Anime?  I'm not sure.  But whatever it is, many in attendance were into this dress style.  Looks something like Alice in Wonderland went down the rabbit hole and came up in Japan.

A little more traditional.

We wandered round and had fun, just to be out on a beautiful day was nice, even with all the crowds.

There were some traditional Kimono costumes and dance.

This hair adornment and head piece was most interesting.

I like the little silver fan pin with dangles on.

More Alice in Wonderland.

The Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens which I only got to see over the fence, was so busy with tours that we were not able to go in and this is what I had really come to see.

The weather was beautiful, I was overdressed in a wool cardigan.  In fact all weekend I seemed to be inappropriately dressed, not quite in step, a little crazy.



  1. I like your description of the girls dress like Alice in Wonderland. Your picture of the garden reminded me of the Japanese garden in Brooklyn. That festival sounds like an Hanami party. I read about it on a blog called Mrs.N's Ordinary Life. You would like it.

  2. It looks lovely! I could have lent you my kimono!


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