Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dutch Front Door, Philadelphia Flower Show 2017 - Part 15

Hi Dear Folk,

We are coming along in the garden.  Mr. B. cleaned out the pond, second raking on the lawn and another cut.  Sewed some seed where we left the oak leaves on all winter and it killed the grass, ugh!  Cleaned up wood pile, where some wood had toppled over and off the top.  I have a water tub on my Simla Patio and after many years I think the inner hard plastic is leaking.  It did have a good innings, maybe I can seal it up somehow.

Temps are warming up and is meant to be in the eighties on the weekend, so maybe can get to the fun stuff, planting seeds and flowers, I am very late on seed planting, but there you are.

A friend always starts of lots of veges and shares, so I'm good there.  Where to plant the tomatoes, I think they shouldn't be planted in the same soil too often, I do rotate, but probably not enough.

Just want to potter and chill this weekend.

Also The Boy has a visitor.

Take care,


  1. Hope you fix the water tub. Sounds marvellous

  2. Potter and chill is good! I think this installment of the flower show is the best although they are all good. My tomato seedlings are about an inch high as they are in an unheated greenhouse. Normally they are ready to plant out by now. I hope you get lots of seeds in this weekend.

  3. I must admit that I am missing the garden it was always such a joy to have fresh herbs/veg from the garden. Hope you manage to find a solution to the leaking water tub. Have a great weekend.


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