Sunday, April 16, 2017

List of Every Day Life Weekend

Hi Dear Folk,

Lists help the mind clear it's clutter.  So hopefully this will be a weekend to tick off the list, and clear the clutter of my mind, if that is at all possible.

  • Finish cleaning up linen closet and all things that need to go back in or thrift.
  • Assemble bathroom shelves and finish tidying up in there, followed by big clean
  • Start on garden clean up.

All sounds such fun doesn't it?  

I'm taking Monday off as a PTO day.  At work this is not one of our holiday weekends.  I got to leave work early on Friday, which meant I got home at my old usual time 5:30PM.  Tuesday I left work early as was the celebration of the Memorial of Christ's Death, which always falls on Nisan 14 after sunset and I would never have made it if I had not left early.  Was good to be there.

Saturday I also went to a memorial service for a friend who died, Sharon.  A time to remember, Ecclesiastes 7:1 "A good name is better than good oil, and the day of death is better than the day of birth."  Lovely to see a lot of old friends.

Afterwards I went over to my friends house to get my taxes finished off.  This is Janine's last year of tax preparation, she is retiring.  Just need to get them mailed off on Monday.  Nice to chat, Graham her husband and I have known each other since he was three and I was two, how great is that?  To have a friendship that has lasted a life time and two continents.

In the above photo second from left is Graham's mum Doreen and Graham standing in front of her and third from left is my mum with me standing in front, wearing my National Health glasses and a tartan kilt, South End on Sea, circa 1956.

And as this photo sat beside the other one in the album I thought I'd show you this, my mum, sister BB and I circa 1960 Twickenham.  Doesn't my mum look lovely in her dress coat?  And us in ours.

The Boy worked on his car all day Saturday with a friend, he put in new adjustable suspension, now the car is all of one inch lower all round.  Really, all that work and money for one inch?  I guess you have to be an enthusiast to understand.  Now the new rims and summer tires will go on.  He enjoys doing it, it's his hobby and that's what counts.

Before he left, Rob started to assemble my toilet shelf unit, which I had bought at BBB, going back and buying another one, but one piece was not drilled out.  I'm feeling this is an ill fated project.  So bathroom is still a mess.  Mr.B.  took that unit back and exchanged it for yet another one, that hopefully will be OK, and we can assemble it today.

Mr. B.  dropped my car off on Saturday morning to look at the AC which does not work and also check out the oil leak.  They phoned and said filled the AC with dye, run it for a while and see where the leak is, either cheap fix or expensive fix.  Put a new plug in the oil pan, and put in new oil, which was leaking cost $10.99, would not charge us for oil. When I actually went to pick my car up, and gave him my CC, he said, don't worry about it, holiday gift.  Wasn't that nice, I have never left the garage with a zero bill.

My sister BB phoned yesterday as I was sitting in the Studio room sorting through all the bags I had pulled out of the linen closet and while on talking and sorting I found my hand dyed merino hank of wool, I bought on the Isle of Skye almost eight years ago.  A bit like finding the widows mite.  I said "you're never guess what I just found?"  We were together when I bought it and reminisced about the yarn shop and our holiday on the Isle of Skye.  Happy memories.

I need to find a nice one hank scarf pattern, I like the Topelt Shawl, but think I would need more than one hank for that.  Any crochet suggestions happily accepted.

BB also said they were holding a Tudor dress up dinner at Kentwell Hall, it was this time last year that we visited and thought how nice it would have been to go together, dress up and attended that, it's something we both would have enjoyed.

Hopefully on Monday I will get out in the garden and start my spring clean up.  An older gentlemen stops by our neighbors every year and does some leaf clean up for him, and since Mr. B. was home he asked if he could do so for us.  He said he wanted to earn some money to put flowers on his mother's grave at Easter.  Mr B. was only too happy as I had asked him to start on that.  So a dent has been made, but it is far from how it should be.  The initial clean up is always hard graft, it's what comes after that I like, all the planting and rearranging and tiffling with garden paraphernalia.

Birds are up, Sunday has dawned.  Now for another cup of tea.

Hope you have a lovely weekend with family.


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  1. I love lists too. Cars are a pain but you had a good deal with that garage.I love the old photos and your mum looks so elegant. Hope your bathroom gets finished soon.


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