Sunday, April 9, 2017

Candle Calamity, Tea, Time and Art

Hi Dear Folk,

Up before dawn on Saturday, just enjoying the quiet time and listening to the dawn chorus.  I moved this candle off the top of my gas stove in the Simla room where I had foolishly left it.  It seemed at the time only a little wax had melted and I cleaned that up.

If you notice on the candle below you can see it slopes down one end and it seems that all that wax melted, dripped down the inside of my stove, into what turns out to be very porous granite.

What I hadn't noticed even when I took this picture was that my granite inserts on top of my stove and all down part of one side are now stained.  I looked up what one could do for this, and that was to use acetone and baking soda to draw the wax out, but since these are not all flat surfaces I don't think that would work.  the only thing that probably would work is to coat all the granite in wax so it's all the same color.  Unfortunately although the stained part doesn't look bad it covers over the white quartz, in the grain of the granite.  Or wait and see if it dries out with age, I don't hold great hopes on that. The wax had dripped down to the floor and all that had to be scraped off.  What a bummer.  I very rarely use that word, but I can't think of a more appropriate one to use, in American English it means, "a thing, that is annoying and disappointing" of which it was both.

Moved my orchid to the Simla room to enjoy.

Ready for afternoon tea.  Although Saturday dawned bright and sunny, it was deceptively cold, with a chill wind.  So I wore this jumper my sister knitted for me years ago.

Each year a friend holds a Tea and Art Afternoon.  A very springtime table setting.

Tea shared with friends.

Amy is part of a program introducing art to elementary age children.  Here are the paintings she is showing this year.

You learn and it's a lot of fun, unfortunately I had to cut my stay short.

We sold out SUV, because major work need doing on the engine.  The lady who bought it actually lives just down the road.  It's ideal for her, as she works in the parts at a car dealership and can get a deal on the engine being fixed.  As both Mr. B. and my name were on the vehicle title we both had to go to the Tag place where you do the transaction paperwork, and trying to find a time when we could do it was most problematic.  It was meant to be done last Saturday, but the lady fell asleep and forgot, and although we phoned she didn't hear it ring.  I don't get home until 7:00PM, Mr. B. has left for work by then, he also works Saturdays.  In the end we arranged it for after 4:00PM on Saturday afternoon, and the place closed at 4:30PM.  Fortunately it turned out to be the quickest transfer I've ever done, and we had all the correct paperwork.

Even so by that time an hour had passed and there was no point in going back to the Tea Party, what a bummer there.  So of all the afternoons to have to do this.

So it was a day of highs and lows. but that's life.  Nothing fatal.

In the evening Mr. B. and I watched the movie with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, Florence Foster Jenkins, the wannabe opera singer.  Unbelievable.



  1. Yes life can be a bummer sometimes! Your jumper is pretty and suits you. Glad you were able to sell the car. The tea looked good and at least you didn't miss it completely.

  2. Love the orchid and the jumper. Great about the SUV!! Bummer about the tea party. Tea with girl friends should go on for many hours!! Hopefully next time


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