Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My American Dream

Hi Dear Folk,

I know at one time I did have more tulips, but I think the squirrels ate them.  I've heard they don't like daffodils, but do like tulips, so I picked the odd ones that have sprung up on their own throughout my garden, and put them right here on the desk where I sit and can enjoy them.

Even in their demise I think they're lovely, such shape and inner beauty.

My American Dream, this is it.  A Teardrop Camper with a Clam Shell back and I'll take the Caddi Convertible that I drove for one whole summer when I first came here, and lets set off down Route 66.

When I saw this stamp I had to go back for it, I had a coupon for 50% off from a competitor which I used at Michael's to buy this.

Back in the fifties, sixties and I think even early seventies, American families would load the kids up in the estate wagon, towing the pop up camper and take off out West on a month long camping trip. To view all the kitsch stops on the way. Long gone are those days.  I doubt if many people take much more than one week off at a time, if not just a long weekend.  Times change.

Route 66 is that iconic road to travel, to step back in time. John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath. Route 66 was the first highway of it's kind, built in 1926 to connect rural and urban America, 2,400 miles. It was the road the Dust Bowl migrants used to head out to California, their dream.  Only about 85% survives today.

Depending on which way you are going, out East here I'd start in Chicago, Illinois, then through St. Louis, Missouri, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amarillo, Texas, Sante Fe, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona, ending in Los Angeles, California.  The USA is huge, you can drive a whole day or more and the scenery hardly changes at all, not like tiny Britain, where the scenery changes quite quickly.  So would it truly be my dream.  I would not want to see the ghost towns, where dreams have faded, but still somewhere deep down inside me I want to drive it.  I want to try the old style motels and eat at ma and pa diners, see the attractions, we all still dream.

Bad news at the thrift shop, I succumbed to this hand knitted brand new bag.  It had obviously been someones Xmas present, as the gift receipt was still inside dated 9th December.  I love it.

Six Poppytrail plates, made in California, the design is Dahlia.  My absolute favourite design by Poppytrail is the design named Homestead, I think that goes along with Route 66.  I have a friend who is in her nineties and many years ago she saw it in a department store and bought the whole Homestead dinner service, she has always loved it.

A little European black Austrian crystal necklace, they always sparkle.

My beautiful deep purple lilac, which only last about a week and we've had a lot of rain, so will they have flowers next weekend, I do so hope.



  1. Yes I love tulips too and they do well here. I picked mauve and white lilac but I find they don't last long once cut. I'm with you on the American dream. That would be wonderful but I would also like to do American train journeys. Your thrift finds are lovely especially the bag.

  2. I can feel the restlessness! I love reading about route 66 and seeing the programmes on TV . What a trip that would be!!!
    Love the bag

  3. Just found your blog and am now following, it was a joy to visit. Loved the hand knit bag what a great find. We are loving it here on the Isle of Lewis, long may it last.


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