Friday, April 14, 2017

Dutch Indies Trade, Philadelphia Flower Show 2017 - Part 10

Hi Dear Folk,

Amsterdam street scenes with a little Dutch Indies Trade mixed in.  Butter pat and clogs with socks and a little Delft Ware.

Wednesday was my day off again, I was quite tired so seemed to be at a slow pace all day.  I wanted to clean up and sort the bathroom and hallway linen closet.

In the bathroom I had a four tier rack with all sorts of shampoos, lotions etc, you name it, it was there, most of which we do not use.  So sorted some to go to the basement and the rest to go to the thrift.  Kept what I needed, sorted out the under-sink cabinet and put that there. Even turned up the cat de-wormer which I knew I had but could not find and had bought more, at quite an expensive price. The tiered rack I will spray with a black wrought iron finish paint and put in the garden as plant stand, I think it will look nice.

I want to paint the radiator white and get a new shelving unit to go over the toilet.  I did not realize how much I hate shopping for a specific item.  I was able to get the paint at the first place I went to, a white oil based metal paint one quart and some turpentine to clean the brush, total $20.99, I had forgotten how expensive all that stuff is.

Did not find a shelving unit, I actually went to four places looking for a unit and came home with something from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I am less than happy with it, so the search will continue. Not only that, I wore my Swedish clogs and went without socks as was quite a warm day, and got a blister on each foot.  Remember do not wear those clogs without socks. So hobbling around looking for something I could not find, with painful feet, did not enhance my mood.  Decided that several other items in the bathroom, such as loo holder and mag rack were all looking grotty so jettisoned them too.  Mr. B. was less than happy because he finds change very hard.  I wanted to have it all done before he came home, fate ac-comply, so he can see the picture, but that wasn't to be.

I got into the linen closet which was harboring all sorts of things I had totally forgotten about, such as a nice white continental quilt cover, and some Dick and Jane fabric, which I know I looked for a while ago and could not find it in the Hope chest where I had thought it was, only needed to go a few steps down the hall and would have found it.  Do have quite a bit to go to the thrift, it will be easier to find things in the closet now.

Everything is a mess because neither project is finished and I'm back at work, chomping at the bit to finish them off.

Rob borrowed my car Wednesday night to pick up a mountain bike that he brought second hand from Craig's list, you know one of those several thousand dollar bikes, not that he paid that for it, it needs some work done on it, but he's been doing up bikes since his early teens so is up to it.  He's happy with it.  A pair of speakers also did exit the house so a bit of income there for The Boy.


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  1. That is the problem with keeping things as they will come in handy. You can never remember where they are until you have already bought a replacement! I also hate shopping for specific items as I can never find what I want plus everything is an exorbitant price since the last time I bought similar. You have accomplished a lot since you cut back your working hours. There is a new series of Vera on Sunday evenings but it is 2 hours so too long for me. The photos are great again. There was a lot to see at that show.


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