Monday, April 24, 2017

Ice Skates for Dutch Canals, Philadelphia Flower Show - Part 14

Hi Dear Folk,

Trying to wind this down on my Philadelphia Flower Show pics.  Some Flower Ice Skates.  Nothing is more Dutch than winter skating on the canals in Holland, this is a theme of many Dutch artists.

Toiling might be the word for trying to bring my garden under some kind of control after the winter.  five hours of work on Sunday and five hours on Monday I think is toiling.  I love the planting and sewing but I do not like all that clean up.

Not sure what those squirrels have been up to in the oak tree, some housekeeping I think, there was a huge pile of minor twigs underneath the tree which I would attribute to nest building, absolutely huge.

A friend stopped by and dropped off the two figs trees that she had promised me.  I love the shape of fig leaves.  I'm going to keep them out in the summer, one I will try and winter over outside, the other I will bring inside, and see how they both do.

So I might say I'm about 70% done on my spring clean up in the garden.  As everyone knows gardening is a never ending project.

Sunday was beautiful, today was overcast and as the day went on it got colder, so glad I was out in the morning and early afternoon, because later one felt quite chilled and this evening I have my stove on.

How is your spring clean up going?


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  1. What beautiful displays. I'm glad your garden clean up is going well. My garden is looking so beautiful with all the spring flowers and blossom. It is so cold and dry though. I'm just doing a bit most days. Just half hour weeding today.


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