Friday, December 25, 2015

A Pennsylvania Winter

Hi Dear Folk,

A Pennsylvania Winter.  We haven't seen any snow yet.  This painting so represents a Pennsylvania winter of old.  The house and barns are absolutely typical of this area and you see places like this while out in the countryside.  The wood siding and double balconies at the front.

Wouldn't it be fun to ride on that sled wrapped in blankets, with your dog running along beside?  Come back to a roaring fire in the kitchen and sit down at the big old kitchen table and drink hot chocolate.

Just a quiet day today, and not any need to light the wood stove it just isn't cold enough yet.  We have not lit it once this winter, which feels most odd.  A walk this afternoon.

The Boy is home for almost a month so enjoying his company.

I thought I would share this painting, Breaking Home Ties, 1890, by Thomas Havenden.  Any parent who's child has flown the nest will relate to the poignancy here and knows the joy of their visits home.

From our visit to the Pennsylvania Museum of Arts.

Enjoy ones family.


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  1. I love the winter picture. The sled and your comments about it remind me of the little house books when pa would wrap them all snuggly under the blankets in the sled.


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