Monday, December 21, 2015

Surprise From Sheffield

Hi Dear Folk,

Mr. B.  said I've won a surprise for you at the thrift shop silent auction. This was my surprise.  Two sets of cutlery one complete and one almost complete from Sheffield, England.  I would say they are from the sixties, and would imagine that maybe someone in the forces stationed in England brought them home with them.

It was funny Mr.B. said because he bid on an almost identical set before this and did not win the bid, then these came up for bid and he thought these were the same ones up for auction again, but they said no, these were different sets and in fact two sets under the one auction number, which he won for less than the one previous set.

I have never seen a set like this in the UK, aren't they lovely?  Definitely cannot be put in the dishwasher.

The little pieces of blue Spode I found on another thrift shopping expedition.  I remember my mum had one Spode platter when I was a child and the pattern on it always fascinated me with the ruined buildings.

I have an old green curiosity china set that I think these would look just right with on the dining room table, set for dinner.

Such a surprise.


PS Wintering over a pot of flowers on the dining room table.  My friend Joni, cleaned out her shed and gave me this flower pot made in Italy.  I have not seen one that shape.


  1. They are lovely! know you will enjoy them!

  2. They are lovely and will look good when you do your special table settings. A silent auction sounds intriguing.

  3. What a find! Sadly, I've had to give up going to auctions and thrift room in my condo. You are fortunate to have the space to pursue this hobby!


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