Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bement-Billings House

Hi Dear Folk,

It is hard to imagine that this Bement-Billings house see here, is around the same time period as the John Howland house, that we stayed in, but it is.

The old kitchen area with the stove and below the open fire place cooking kitchen, where they are roasting a chicken and cooking cornbread and drying out apples strung across the fire.

Spinning flax for linen I found this most fascinating.

A rope strung bed.

I like the old pegs to hang things on.

This little stove in the sitting room was so compact and handy, a little area to boil a kettle on top, a tiny oven and the actual fire area.  Just right for afternoon tea served in the parlour.

Painted oil cloth floor cover so practical and decorative.



  1. It was a real unexpected treat to see this house. I would love one of those little stoves.

  2. I laove the simplicity of the old homes. We have so much stuff today!


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