Monday, December 14, 2015

Cape May Lighthouse, NJ

Hi Dear Folk,

Have had a head cold and crazy busy week at work covering.  Moving forward with our travels.

Jean wanted to see the shore, so we took a trip down to Cape May, NJ.  It was a lovely day and we had lots of fun.

After hitting the shore line at Sea Isle City, we took the coastal drive down to Cape May, which is longer but you get to see the sea and all the coastal towns, plus go over all the draw bridges for the coastal inlets.

We stopped of at WAWA and Jean had her first WAWA experience.  WAWA is a privately owned company started in WAWA PA.  I think the first three stores they franchised, then bought them back all except one, and he wouldn't sell it back, as they are gold mines.  WAWA stores are quick drive in small stores with a deli, coffee and petrol pumps.  Always clean always consistently good.

We ordered hoagies, and you do that on a touch screen we worked out for one sandwich there are at least sixty or more options, I think even more.  It is an American experience, which Jean thought her hubby would never cope with. All sandwiches are the same price just size makes the difference and it doesn't matter how many extras you add to them, but I'm no expert because I rarely buy one.  So armed with our stuffed hoagies we headed out to Sunset Beach not far from Cape May Lighthouse, found a bench and ate our lunch.  Walked in the surf and looked for Cape May Diamonds, then onto the lighthouse.

Here are views from the top of Cape May Lighthouse

There is a little natural science museum here too.  This is a renowned area for the migration of the Monarch butterfly and birds.  The Monarch butterflies travel from Scarborough, Maine to winter in the high Sierra Madre Mountains in Michoacan, Mexico a distance of 2,500 miles.  It is a site to see, especially walking along the beach with butterflies flying around you.

Cape May is also known for Cape May diamonds.  Quartz which is washed down from the upper Delaware River and was first discovered by the Kechemeche Indians.  They are very clear and polish up into what looks like a diamond.



  1. It was a great day. Good to relive it. It was fun at Wawa having so many options. Good food too. Cape May is such a pretty place with all the beautiful houses.

  2. I heard one of the B&B's has a lovely afternoon tea. We should try it one day! (if it is still there!)

  3. I just discovered your blog. This is a test, to see if my comment goes through!


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