Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stringing Beads

Making Winter December

Hi Dear Folk,

Sharing Winter crafting joys and joining with Silverpebble, who Blogs from East Anglia

On a dark winter's evening it is fun to route out all the boxes of beads and string together some creations.

I was looking through my jewelry cabinet when I came across this necklace that my mum had given to me many moons ago.  It was probably from the sixties and had been made into a one strand necklace, although the clasp was really for a two strand necklace, a strand must have broken and this was how it was fixed.

It has just been sitting there and I thought if I did some work on this I could really make it into something I would enjoy wearing, plus it would have meaning as my mum gave it to me.

Rather than going out to buy new beads to add to it, I routed through what I had to make it up to two strands and the length that I wanted.  I unstrung all the beads, washed them in soapy water, cleaned up the clasp and started creating how I would put it back together.  This is it, the pink clasp is so pretty even the back.

I added the spacer beads, the lavender colored beads and the rhine stones, all the other beads were part of the original necklace, I think it works quite well.

Where to find some fun beads:

  • What do you have in your own jewelry box that can be re-made into something else
  • Thrift shops are a good source
  • Local craft stores such as in USA Michael's and Joanne's
  • Look out for bead shows and grab a girlfriend you will have lots of fun, trust me

More creations are sitting in my tray ready to string.



  1. Ooh, delicious strings of joy. EVERYTHING is better when there are bonny beads nearby. Thankyou so much for joining in!

  2. They are lovely, Christy! Recycle and reuse!

  3. Its beautiful and special because it was from your mum. I am inspired to get rummaging among my jewelry. I don't think we have bead shows here but a couple of places I can buy accessories.

  4. These are just wonderful.


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