Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Parents Joy Riding In A 1996 Miata

The other Sunday I asked the Boy if we could, that's his mum and dad, would be allowed to take his car out.  Yes the almost as old as Rob Miata convertible.  I have not been out in a convertible since my single days.

Boy did we have fun.  We drove out to a country area it was a beautiful evening, almost felt young again.

Rob has worked on this car, detailed it, polished it up as much as an old car will.

The other things he's done are to change out the actual steering wheel, he bought one on Ebay $20.00.  I was afraid the airbag would go off or something crazy, but no he went on all those forums and with his dad's help they changed it.  The old one had a nasty cover that slipped around.

When we first bought the car we were driving home on the Turnpike with the top up and guess what it flew undone, it happened with such force that I expected to see it back down the road when I turned around to look.  But fortunately it had just come undone.  So it needed new clips, another Ebay find, that the boy replaced himself.

Then he didn't like the gear knob shifter, so he bartered some work with a family friend of ours.  This friend comes from Kenya and is very good at woodwork.  He wanted a nice video of him working to add to his website and in exchange he made Rob the wooden gear shift knob.  He did have to buy the metal screw rod on line.  Now Joseph is thinking of making and selling these, they can go for quite a bit, just need to source the rods.

Then he went over a bottle, the tire could not be repaired, so he had to buy a pair of new tires, biggest expense, but they are sticky summer tires and he loves them.  He already had wider sticky summer tires on the back.

He has also bought four tire rims, from a Miata forum, to buy and put his winter tires on.

I almost forgot he did a front light swap with someone on a Miata forum.  His were not the original but ones that let in air, don't ask me details, but he swapped them for the original ones; which he likes the look of more and so do I.

When I first came to the States I was a Nanny for two years, and for one whole summer this is what I got to drive.  No I am not that old.  This is a 1960 Black Cadillac Convertible with a Red leather interior, same colors as the one I drove,  I can't quite remember if it was identical to this, I know it was very early sixties, but it was huge, like driving a boat and so was the steering wheel.  Boy did I have a summer of fun driving that around.  As I was allowed to use it for personal use as well as with the teenage children.

I'd say a Miata is the absolute total opposite, but still fun.


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  1. The cars are beautiful and fun to be in a convertible. Rob has done well with his car.


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