Monday, September 16, 2013

Palm Beach, Miami and Little Havana

The first photo is Palm Beach and all the rest are Miami.

We got up very early on Sunday morning to get a good start on the day.  We wanted to spend the day in Miami and knew we had a long drive from Jonathan Dickinson State Park.  The boy wanted to stop off in Palm Springs, but it was far too early on a Sunday morning for anything to be going on; which was rather disappointing, especially for the Boy.  The shops were closed it was dead.

We did get to see the beach and the air conditioned beach Life Guard huts, only in Palm Beach, on all other beaches the Life Guards swelter with everyone else.  This is just about the only photo I took all day as it was very intense driving, super wide highways.

We made it down to Miami going to a new artsy type area, with just a few ritzy stores, that had just moved there, lower real estate prices, but up and coming, just a block or so away was a be very careful area.  We didn't stay long here, Sunday again and not much going on.  So made it down to the Latino area of downtown Miami.  Where we eventually found a parking space, and found a nice restaurant for brunch which we splurged on.  But we still knew we had not found Little Havana.  With more looking in the guide book we eventually made our way there.


Here I am in a music store in Little Havana.

I wish we would have come here first because I had wanted to get a Cuban Sandwich and this was the place for them.

Here is the famous square where they all play games, mostly Chess.  I had heard of this square before, but imagined it much larger with more trees.

The music was great and I bought a lovely pair of wooden hand made earrings from a street vendor, they were so inexpensive, and later I kicked myself for not getting more things there.  Very dangly and Latino, I love them.

Here we are going over the bay inlet across to South Miami Beach.  By then it was later in the afternoon, Sunday and mobbed, I mean mobbed.  Driving was a nightmare hence all Rob's photos.

If we were to do it again on a Sunday, we should have hit the beaches coming down first thing in the morning, from North to South and then gone into Miami downtown, but it always takes a day to become oriented in a city.  Rob would have liked to have parked and walked the beach and the restaurant area, but there was not a place to park anywhere.  By then I was tired of looking and driving and looking and driving, plus with the bus with no power steering you cannot easily get into a space, it takes a lot of yanking on the steering wheel.

So at this point we decided to call it quits and head on to our next State Park camp site down in the Keys.  John Pennekamp Coral Reef.  We knew that too would be quite a drive.


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