Thursday, September 12, 2013

Drawing To An End, Summer Work Day Lunches by the Creek Bank

Autumn is drawing in with the cool evernings and the leaves are just starting to turn in our area.

This week though we have some days up to 95 F so decided to take advantage of this and try and get in a few last work day lunches by the river bank, before it is too cold.

Things are falling off the trees and plopping loudly in the creek, nuts and all sorts of things, one was so loud I thought somebody was there and had thrown something in, but no just things falling into the creek from the trees.

This is my new lunch bag, well I bought it a little while ago but never took a photo.  I like the style, two open side pockets and an inner large cooler zipped compartment, it works well for me.  Even like the bright pattern, not classical but fun.

Writing in my Persephone Diary and enjoying a few rays of dappled sunlight through the leaves, just laying back and looking up, that so reminds me of childhood days.  A needed respite, happy moments in a busy day.


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  1. Yes, good to make the most of the good weather while it is here. You are always so organized with your lunch and have things to do. Am interested in your weather. We had a week of excessive heat and now it feels cold as maximum 15 degrees C


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