Friday, September 13, 2013

Anastasia Beach Inlet In The VW Camper Van #VWVAN

Anastasia State Park is rated high on the Florida State Parks to visit and stay at.  It has a wonderful long beach.  After visiting Flagler College and having another wander around St. Augustine, we decided to just chill out and go back to Anastasia Park where we were staying.

Of course the funny thing is that when you have a camper van everything is with you and nothing gets left at the camp site unless you have a screen tent etc, but we were doing so much travelling that two nights in one place was a luxury.

Here we are having a very late lunch at the inlet in the park.

Taking photos.

Just sitting around and enjoying the scenery and down time.

Everything in the camper matched, including saucepans, bedding and towels, as you can see.

The front passenger seat was great you can swivel it around to where ever you want to face.  Facing the driver's seat was most comfortable, as you can put your feet up.

Later in the early evening we drove over to the beach and took a dip, and just walked some of the beach, it's very long.  This is on the Atlantic Ocean, so morning sunrise, no setting sun, I've already commented on how my very favourite beaches face West.  Just love to see the setting sun over the ocean.


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  1. Its so lovely just to chill out and not have to rush here and there. I loved our little camper van. We had such lovely relaxing times in it.


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