Thursday, August 29, 2013

Out Of Africa The Costumes

I love the film Out of Africa, made I think in 1985.  The setting Kenya, the Costumes pre World War One and post World War, and not to foget the music, is just a winning combination.

So we found the film on Blu-Ray and it was a good price, Mr B wanted it so I said go ahead it's one of his favourite films and mine too.  It had extra features a documentary on many of the characters in real life, etc.  So we watched it as a family and introduced it to the Boy, always interesting to see younger generations take on a movie that you love.

The costumes are amazing, they were designed by Milena Canonero, I think she has designed costumes for quite a few movies, including Chariots of Fire, another favourite.

This is Karen Blixen's Wedding Costume, absolutely in love with her hat.

In the movie there were a lot of Safari outfits and everyday working outfits.

My son said he loved the leather boots on both Karen Blizen and Denis Finch-Hatton.  He also wants a waist coat like Finch-Hatton's.  So that's a thrift or Ebay quest.  Chicago Tribune said to look for "ribbed cottons, raw linens and safari mood to turn up in men's fashions for the Spring of 1986."

The amber necklace.  Amber beads were very popular before the First World War, I have a cherry amber faceted bead necklace, that went out to New Zealand just before the War, when relatives emigrated there and was sent back to my granmother as a gift and she gave them to me, I treasure them.  

The above amber looks to be more of a darker butterscotch amber.  Of course amber is quite popular again now, a lot comes out ot the Baltic region.

All those shirt collar necklines and tailored jackets.

The hat is that special straw you only find in hats of that era, of which I have one, not that style, it is just a brim, no crown.  The broach I'm sure is ivory and is an elephant.

One hat, well more of a beaded crown, of which I cannot find a picture, Karen wore at the New Year's Eve Party after WWI.  Her hair in the movie was short by then and curly, before the War in the movie it is long and worn up.

In any case the beaded and embroidered hair piece is soo pretty.  Keep an eye out for it when watching the movie.


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  1. One of my favorite movies and book! The wedding dress and hat are my favorite.


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