Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day And Long Horn

This was our Labor Day Weekend, Labor Day being a Monday and a holiday, I know I'm a little late in posting this.

Sunday we ate at Long Horn, a steak house.  Rob work's there and for ever we have been saying that we will go as a family and take advantage of the discount he gets.  At last we did that.

I had the strawberry and walnut salad along with a flat iron steak with portobello mushroom in a sauce with Idaho baked potato, very good.

The boy drove his own car to the restaurant as he was going out afterwards, I abadoned Mr B and went to the restuarant with my Boy, any excuse for a ride in the convertable.

Monday we got to get out on the river, Mr B and I were in the kayak.  Rob would have come but he had to work and with all his car ups and downs he kind of needs the money.  We got to go with friends who were in the canoe.  I like a kayak, because you can stretch your legs out and have a back to your seat, and I just like a kayak.

Rain had been forecast, so it was cloudy, but quite humid, so we were glad that the sun was not out and the rain held off totally, in fact it did not come until the evening.  We stopped on a little shingle beach island and ate our snacks.  All told it was about a two hour ride.  We had a lot of fun just chatting backwards and forward and trying to keep that kayak heading in the right direction.

This is the River Schuylkill, next time I would like to kayak the canal, which parallels the river.

This is a house along the canal, it dates back to the 1780's, every time I go past I think of my friend Candyce and how she would like this little cottage, because that is really what it is.  It's up for sale $198.000

Produce Junction was open on the holiday, I was surprised but took advantage of it, as it's a little drive for me to get there and would have to be worth the while in petrol.

I bought this lovely orchid for $5.00 how could you pass that by and three yellow mums.  So was quite happy with my little purchases to finish off our little outing.  And since we got a fairly early start we had the rest of the afternoon at home.

What could be better than a nice cup of coffee and some Belgium Chocolate.

A lid less Japanese Teapot, just right for flowers.  I have passed it by several times in the Thrift and could not do so anymore.  Just love the cherry blossom and basket work design.

I finished crocheting the edging around this pillow case.

So that was my holiday weekend.

Take care,

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  1. What a lovely weekend you have had. The meal looks delicious. I like canoes too. There is a centre on the Stort river a few minutes walk from here and I have done Canadian canoeing and kayaking there plus kayaked on The Broads. It is so magical. I love the name of your river too.


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