Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Dreaming

My weekend was busy, shared with friends and productive.

Saturday morning service, then home for one of my tomato sandwiches, still enjoying those until the season ends.  Out again to the Library where they were having a presentation on Raised Vegetable Gardening.  It was given by a Montgomery County Master Gardener and I gleaned some points of interest.

I have long had in mind to make raised beds, for my vegetable growing and this seemed as good a time as any as the vegetable garden is coming to and end, and I can now make the containers.  I'm going to go the simple route, breeze blocks, I think two high and maybe put a dowels down to hold them.  In all those holes they have I may plant Marigolds, she mentioned one especially nice blooming one Neema-Gone, pests don't like it either.  So I am all excited to get going on this.  Husband is meant to be out buying the blocks today while I'm at work.

Nema Gone
Nema-Gone is proven in trials to be effective in killing nematodes in the soil, and it's beautiful and fast-growing too. A ¼ oz. packet (2,000 seeds) sows up to 500 square feet.

She mentioned a couple of tomatoes that she likes, Black Russian and Amana Orange.  I already plant a Black Krim.

Amana Orange
This huge orange heirloom tomato takes its name from Iowa's Amana Colonies, one of America's longest-lived communal societies, where it has been a long-time favorite. With a mild, sweet, tropical flavor, this beefsteak variety's fruits are light orange and fluted, growing up to 1-2 lb. on indeterminate vines.

Black Krim
This medium-sized, very dark maroon beefsteak, with wonderfully rich flavor, originated in Crimea, a peninsula in the Black Sea with perfect "tomato summers". Extremely tasty.

Black Russian

Afterwards, my friend Janice joined me for the presentation, she said "I don't feel like going home how about a coffee?" So we settled for Starbucks and a Chai Latte, which goes down well in the late afternoon with a little cooler weather, we managed to get two leather armchairs in the corner, a plus as the place was quite full.  We chatted, girl talk and talked about her travels, she has just come back from South Africa, can't wait to see her photos, then I said how about we pop over to Joanne Fabrics and take a look.

I found an adorable teapot pin cushion on clearance, so that was my little acquisition.

Sunday I phoned my friend J. in the UK, in less than two weeks she will be over for a visit with another friend named J.  My childhood friend Graham calls them "The Pair of Jean's" I think that's a rather fun name for their visit.  So Jean I've been thinking about what to do. Amish Country, New York City, The Shore, as Jean said it's all new to her.

All my flowers will not be babied along to their visit, they are just fading out quickly and the yard and garden is beginning to need that Autumn clean up, which we started on at the front on Sunday afternoon, but when you start you never realize how much there is to do.  We accomplished a lot though, and went in tired but satisfied.

We had some NZ lamb chops for dinner, on sale for a ridiculously lower price than USA lamb, shipped from the other side of the world.  Maybe you should buy local, although I don't think we get get local lamb right around here, but one has to also shop one's purse.  All this shipping of things from one side of the globe to the other seems to not be environmentally friendly and something just not right about it. But did I say I very much enjoyed them, we all did.

Since the evenings are cooler now it seemed the right time to bring out my half started knitted scarf.  I thought I had more scarfs in the bag that I had made from the fishnet yarn, then I remembered that I had given several away.  So finished one off all lovely shades of deep brown, aubergine and red, sounds funny but it isn't and I have a friend who wears exactly those colours in Autumn, so I think she will like it.

I have both crocheted and knitted these scarfs.  Crochet goes more quickly and there isn't a too discernible difference, it's probably a matter of preference.  At the moment I'm working on a knitted one in pinks, maroon and greys.

They have more wonderful yarns out this year to make these scarfs, such luscious colours and all types of thickness.

Ann Hunt Designs, this is a Logo I came up with.  It comes of being in the print business one's mind is always thinking of logos and designs, at least I do.  Any thoughts?

Plus Ann Hunt Designs or Creations or Atelier could cover what ever I want to showcase.  Dream on, me with little time.

Every day I pass by this old Pennsylvania Barn for Rent.  The outside has lots of character, stone and weatherboard.  I always dream that it would make a wonderful crafting space to give lessons and gather together.  Off course this is all a dream, as I have never seen inside and I'm sure it is huge and probably has a very nice rental tag to go with it.

Watched the New Inspector Foyle who is about to join MI5 or maybe not.

Well now I must go home and summon up the energy to lug around breeze blocks.  I have just one corner bed in my mind.


P.S.  One raised vegetable garden made, four more to go.

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  1. What a lovely weekend. I have raised vegetable beds and have found them a great improvement over the ordinary beds. I will have to get more adventurous with my choice of tomatoes as well. Yours look interesting. Am really looking forward to seeing you and exploring pastures new.


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