Wednesday, September 4, 2013

George My Neighbour

George was my neighbour.  We are on the corner so only have one close by neighbour.  He was such a nice old gentleman.  It was always George and Gloria, they were High School Sweethearts and were just a very happily married older couple.

Gloria died several years ago in her sleep and George missed her terribly and was quite lonely.

We used to sit and talk.  He was in WWII, I asked where and it turned out that he was stationed at Wethersfield.  George remembered Earls Colne and Wakes Colne, Sible Heddingham and the villages around about.  My mum grew up in Earl's Colne, they could have walked passed each other in the street.  My mum was in High School then it is such a small world in so many ways.

About a month ago he died.  I miss him, I just knew he was always there in his dear little house.  I'd see him pottering around and it was a good feeling.

So the family came who I know some what and cleaned out many things, some they took and some were out in the trash.  And guess what was out in the trash.  These lamps.  I had commented to George some time ago how much I liked them, the way when turned on, the light shines through the windows and from the lamp post, he said they had bought them in the sixties I think from a local furniture store, long closed up.  The scene is Dickens "The Olde Curiosity Shoppe."

I just could not leave them there.  So brought them in.  Mr B cleaned up the basses, as there is a pair.  I would have gone at them with Brasso, but he said no, I'll clean them up with car wax and they came up a treat.

So I have one in my dining room window, and one on the library table in the Simla room.  The dining room lamp has a three way bulb and I need to get one for the other lamp.

It was a good excuse to rearrange these areas and give them a good old clean.

If there had been anything if asked would I like, I would have said the lamps and here they were.  When I get to see the family I will let them know.  But oh!  I do love them and think of George and Gloria.


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  1. They are beautiful and so unusual. Paul used to live in a bungalow on Wethersfield air base near a farm and they were the only civilian homes. I used to have to sign in at the gate to get to his place. As you said small world but that was only 45 years ago!


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