Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Keys John Pennekamp Carol Reef

This is the evening after our Miami adventure.  With all that driving all I wanted to do was chill out.  This is in the John Pennekamp Park, in the first of the Keys. As it was early evening most people had left the little beach area and we were able to park side ways to the beach, which is even better as you can sit in the camper and look out the open side door, so nice.

People kept stopping by, chatted and wanted to have a look, so we had fun talking to different folk.  Some even brought their children up and said my parents used to have a camper like this when I was a child and they wanted their children to see it. There is a big US Base on the mainland and I think a lot of folk from there come to this park either for the day or for the weekend.  We were there Sunday night so I think a lot were packing up and leaving, just having a last walk by the beach.

Cooked up a little dinner, had a cup of tea and read my book.  The campsites are a little close together in this park but by the time we got back to our spot it was almost dark in anycase and we had enjoyed our time here.


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