Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wood Burning Stove , Let's hear what you have to say!

OK these are the three choices so far. This is a wood stove for our sitting room, which has a big granite fireplace and mantle. I would love to put one in the kitchen but the only place we can put a wood stove in, is as an insert in the sitting room fireplace.

Number one choice, the Jotul, Kennebec, I like the style of this one.


Second choice, the Enerzone 2.3-1 $1,000 US dollars cheaper.


Third choice, the Lopi, Revere, looks very similar to the one above but has a cook top surface of 10" by 24". Is the same price almost as choice number one.


So is it to be:-

1: Aesthetically pleasing?

2: $1,000 US cheaper than the other two stoves?

3: Heat the house and have a cook top?

I lean towards two and three. Bo leans towards 2 and I do to except a cook top is appealing. Rob leans towards aesthetically pleasing, saying that 1 suits our house the most and he's right about that.

So this is what we have come up with so far, but will look further.

Will keep you tuned.


  1. I like them all. I, like you, like the idea of being able to have a cook top. That way if the electric is off for any reason (remember the year it was off for some time?) you could still get a meal together.

    It reminds me of a neighbor from Sweden we had. She said they had a big stove that one side was in the kitchen and they cooked on and the other side was toward the sitting room and they got the heat from. I do like the idea.

  2. These are all great1 I can understand it's difficult to choose.I also would like the idea of a cook top.


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