Friday, June 20, 2008

My Vision for the Pergola

Bo putting together my Pergola. I bought it last year at the end of the season, it was the floor model, consequently no instructions. But he did alright.

The boys ribbed me about the Pergola, and I must admit I had my own doubts after putting it up. First we had it standing one way, but it over lapped the house too much and didn't look right, then we turned it around, that looked better. But on these things one must have vision. they don't come together instantly.

This week I dug up my climbing hydrangea, which was planted by the back fence under the oak tree, it's been there about six years and has never flowered, not the best place to thrive and do justice to it. Now it's climbing one corner of my Pergola and I think it will like it there. I also dug up a very srawny rose bush, that did not like it where it was. I was going to buy a rose bush, but couldn't find one in the price range I wanted to pay, so I thought I'll put my energy into revitalising this one. I'm envisioning roses and clematis on other corners, so will gradually work on that. Maybe it will eventualy become a leafy bower.

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  1. I happen to see the Pergola in person and it is really nice.


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