Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Federal Dollars At Work

This is the third week that work has been going on in our neighborhood, putting in new wheel chair corner ramps. These I know are needed, but they were already there and looked perfectly good. But it seems they have to have a special grip area, so all the old ramps were jack hammered out, dug out, new stones put in, concrete poured, backhoes up and down, starting at seven in the morning.

To put in this red grip area. I was hoping that this was not our real estate taxes paying for this, but on asking the men said no this is your Federal dollars at work. It isn't as if there aren't areas in town that could really use some Federal money spent on them, look at these curb stones in another part of town.

What one has to get used to over here is that the local township does not take care of your sidewalk or pavement in front of your house. You have to. You do not own it, but you must make any repairs to it that are deemed to be needed. This is especially true when you sell your house and an inspection is made, at this time they will make you repair what ever needs doing. That's why sidewalks over here are like a patchwork. Certain areas of town will get grants from the Fed and will look very nice, revitalization areas. Some day I'll walk around that area of town and show you all the brick sidewalks and victorian lamps.

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