Wednesday, June 4, 2008

If Bread Be The Food of Life Bake On

This is my new, well almost new bread machine. I've always wanted one but never wanted to spend the money in case I did not use it enough to warant the expenditure. But this one was a find at the thrift shop. For the price of a loaf of bread I bought this one, a Sunbeam. There must have been about eight to choose from, I guess nobody eats bread anymore. This had the book to go with it as well.
This is my first loaf of bread. Wheat bread with raisins and the recipe called for walnuts, which I thought I had but when I went to look they had all been used, so I added Omega Trek Mix, which is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. It turned out well and was tasty, Rob liked it. You can see him through the window working on finishing off the edging on my vegetable garden and working up an appetite.

I set it for a medium coloured crust I think I'l try light next time.

I went back the next day to get this one for my friend A, who has three children and often makes bread and biscuits. I was going to get this one for myself, but I only have a small kitchen so wanted one that was really compact, but A's kitchen is larger. I was disappointed as I know there was a book with this one too, but when I went to buy it there was no book inside. Someone must have bought another one and took the book, because the book did go with this model, Oh well! I'll either copy my book or see if I can download it.

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  1. That looks yummy.

    The Swedish neigbor we had once showed me how she made bread. She mixed the rye flour, water and yeast and I think a bit of sugar which helps the yeast and set it to rise. I couldn't believe how little it took to make bread.

    I do like the Oster bread maker. It looks modern.

    I noticed several bread makers at our thrift store too.

    There is nothing like the scent of coming home to fresh bread baking!



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