Friday, June 27, 2008

Monte Carlo, Monaco and Ville Franche. Saturday 3rd May 2008

I would have been happy to stay in Ville Franche, but when the boys realized we were so close to Monte Carlo, it was a forgone conclusion that this would be our destination, especially finding out that it was very easy to catch the local train.

Ville Franche early in the morning.
Walking to the train station in Ville Franche, to catch a train to Monaco.

The view of Monte Carlo, not far from the Grimaldi Palace, where Grace Kelly lived, after marrying Prince Rainier.

Patricia a girl from San Paolo, Brazil, living and studying in Reims, France. We met Patricia on the train going to Monaco. She spoke French and had already worked out the local bus to ride around Monaco. She stayed with us the whole time we were there on our whirl wind visit and shepherded us around. I even got to mail myself a card from the Post Office there.The Grimaldi Palace. A yacht marina.

Walking back down from the Palace through these gardens to Monte Carlo, where the Grand Prix was to be held in a week or so.

Part of the Grand Prix circuit.

The Monte Carlo Casino.

The gardens to the casinos.

The train station at Monaco.

Looking out of the train window on our way back to Ville FrancheThe beach Ville Franche
The boy taking a paddle, Ville Franche

Our ship on the horizon. Norwegian Gem.

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  1. Oh Christy, all of this looks AMAZING!!! You're so lucky!


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