Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thursday 12th June 2008, Graduation Day from Middle School

Our dear boy is graduating Middle School. It's taken me a while to somewhat understand the school system here, as I have not been through it, and we do not have Middle School in England.

It seems no time at all that he was this soft dear little baby, and now he is all hair, muscles and angles. What a metamorphosis they go through. Bo and I have had half our married life without Rob and half with him. Life is always moving onwards with change, and we embrace those changes.

Graduation in the auditorium. This is a neat old school. It used to be the High School, then they built a new High School and turned this into one of the Middle School's in our area. Lots of old wood and extra details. I'll have to take some photos and post pictures of the outside. One class Rob used to have for gifted, was in the Tower Room, which is a tower, with windows all around, he liked having classes there.Robert collecting one of his awards, which he received in Science, Tech Ed, Art and Music. They ran the gamut a bit.
One of the corridors coming out of the auditorium. Note the detail in the ceiling.

Some of his teachers.
Graduation cake and soda, in the library.
With some of his friends.

The court yard of the school.

Lunch at Appleby's, which was nice for them.
There is some sadness, it's the end of an era. Leaving for school at 8:15 am, walking to school, just down the road. Our dear boy is growing up.

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