Monday, June 16, 2008

Recycling Fallen Trees

After the storm came through we worked very hard. I picked up three loads of wood in my PT from a small tree that came down. the boys went back and picked up the bigger pieces. Some tree cutting people were cutting up a big tree around the corner, and I asked what they were doing with the wood and he said "do you live near here?" I told him where and they came and unloaded, huge pieces from their dump truck. the boys look at it and wailed. But mum came to the rescue. Over a year ago I bought a brand new electric chain saw in a yard sale for $10.00, and took it home. "How good can that be? An electric chain saw!" Is what I heard. Well guess what in desperation it was unveiled and heck it works great for a 16" blade. It did it's job. Mum came through. The boys had to agree.

Above is what we cut up and below, this is wood from the smaller maple tree that came down in our neighborhood. I picked this up in my car, Rob helped with stacking it.
More left to cut up. This will all go towards our winter store for the wood stove.

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