Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surreal Rome, May Day, Thurs 1st May 2008

Surreal, yes that is the only way to describe our day in Rome. It was May Day and everything was closed. All the shops, all the museums, all the businesses, except the restaurants. All the Romans left Rome and all the tourists invaded, along with the labour movements who were having their May Day parades.

Many roads were closed for the parades and people, hordes of people were everywhere. So this is our Surreal Rome.We were dropped off near the Coliseum where we started our day. The keepsake photo of the boys in front of the Coliseum.
The Arch of Titus, which commemorates the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 c.e.. On the column are depicted the treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem being taken away. I did want to see this up close but as I said everything was closed. We walked past the Arch up behind the Forum and this was the most tranquil scene I was to see in Rome all day.Here is a May Day Trade Union Parade. Don't you just love the Lego men on their banner.The hordes of Visigoths ransacking Rome. We walked past the Palace of Victor Immanuel, the Place Colonade to The Fountain of Trevi.After negotiating my way to the front for a close up photo.Some law and order.A roast chestnut seller, now doesn't that sound like Dickens.The Spanish Steps, with views of the masses.On our way to the Pantheon, which I was hoping just might be open, but no.The Police travel in style.The Piaza NavonaThe quintessential scene of sketching in Rome.Where the cats of Rome lived.Where the Boy bought his magazine on Lambrettas, skooters, he saw too many in Europe and now has a love affair with thinking that he would like to get one.Isn't this a tranquil scene after a long day of walking the over crowded streets of Rome.Back past the Forum.I like this picture as it shows three treasured things. Robs messenger bag he bought in Malaga which he just loves. The Chimay beer we bought here, Bo enjoyed it and kept the bottle and my bag which my dear friend Zi made for my trip.We decided on a beer and as everything is so expensive we were going to get the cheapest beer, a Heineken which was 4 euros, but on the same list was a Chimay for 6 euro, now as Bo brought out, a case of Heineken in the States is about $25 but a case of Chimay is about $100, as it's a beer made by the Trapist Monks in Belgium, so really value for money was to go for the Chimay and that's what we did and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Doesn't he look happy.

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  1. Your photos are just beautiful. The first one is so interesting to have the colorful modern sign with Rob and Bo standing in front of ancient ruins. What a contrast!


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