Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tea at Karen Ann's Tea Room

To go out to Tea at a Tea Shop is always fun and is doubly fun if you go with your kindred spirit. Zi treated me to tea out, here at Karen Ann's Tea Shop. They can truly say they are a Tea Shop, because there were well over 40 different teas to choose from. I had French Creme Brulee, Zi had Blue Lady, and we tasted both. We ended with, an Earl Grey with lavender, I can't remember the name.
This is a sweet gift from Zi, a TeaBag Wallet to carry with you so one never need be without a cuppa. Isn't this a great little idea?

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  1. I had a lovely time. How special it is to just sit and enjoy tea and good food with a dear friend and talk and talk. It is an oasis in the sea of everyday life!


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