Friday, May 9, 2008

On Our Way

Yes I'm back. I had hoped to Blog on our holiday, but it proved to be problamatic on the ship. So now I'm back. I slept eleven hours last night, I must have needed it.
I'm going to Blog a day at a time. With a trans Atlantic crossing, four countries and two islands visited, there's a lot to tell.
Well at last the day came, after all those preparations, here we are on our way.

Bo and Rob at Hamilton, NJ train station. My dear friend Zi dropped us off, to catch the train to Penn Station, New York City.

Rob on the train.

Queuing for a taxi in New York, to take us to the pier. Yes we did size down to one suitcase per person, even though on a cruise you are allowed four per person, although of course you can only bring two per person, back on the plane.

The Norwegian Gem docked on the Hudson River

At last on board, on the aft deck, outside at the Garden Cafe having a late lunch. It takes quite a time to get on board, checking papers, customs, passports, photographs for key cards, etc, etc. Also especially as the Pope was in town and the traffic was terrible. In the end our driver just dropped us one side of the road and we walked across

Unfortunately we were over two hours late in leaving because of the traffic situation in New York City this day. Look how the weather has changed.

Yes it is a wonderful scene leaving the city by ship.

A long awaited cup of tea. P.S. I must mention the teapot lids. I did ask where the teapot lid was, and the answer was they didn't have any. Now this was hard for me to believe, being a Brit. I thought maybe the girl did not understand me, so several times after this, through out the cruise I would ask for a lid. Finally I came to the conclusion, she did understand me and that they did not have any lids. Can you imagine.

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  1. Welcome home! I have missed you terribly. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. For some reason I thought you had one more week so was pleasantly surprised when I saw your blog.



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