Saturday, May 10, 2008

First day out on the Atlantic Ocean, Sun 20th April 2008

Our first full day at sea. Here I am at the Blue Lagoon Restuarant. It's where I liked to hang out for a little quiet time and a cup of tea.
This is looking across the central atrium of the ship, called the Blue Lagoon, to the restuarant I mentioned above. The ceiling echoed the name of the ship, Norwegian Gem, and there were tiny twinkley lights in the ceiling.

This is a blown glass piece of artwork above the double staircase.

Rob and I waiting in the Stardust Theater, for a shore excursion presentation. I think it was the first and last one we went to. When I travel I always go to the library and find travel books about the places I'm going to visit. I enjoy the time spent finding out about the places we are to visit, it is part of the holiday. So I didn't find these presentations especially informative.

I got into conversation with this lady. She was knitting a lovely pair of Fair Isle socks. My mum knits socks, but I am not the knitter in the family I'm the sewer, my mum and sister are the knitters.

Well what I found fascinating; now of course this is probably no revelation to others in Blogland, but the yarn colour is computerized. The yarn is one continuous ball of many colours. As you knit the sock up the pattern is revealed. How clever is that? She said you can buy the yarn in Europe. Hers' came from Germany.

This is the library where I spent some quiet time reading and crocheting.

I wasn't going to put in two photos of the library, but realized the other one didn't show any comfortable chairs and there were some, although not enough. This was a great library, with books in many languages, even Japanese and Chinese.

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