Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plant Swap

Today my friend had a plant swap. It was a lot of fun. Here are some of my goodies. I am looking forward to planting them. It has been very wet and of course I have been away, so I feel that I am really behind, but look forward to starting.
I have Hypoestes- Pink Splash, Astilbe Sprite, Becky Daises, Cat Mint (Nepeta), Fern, Blue Bells, Day Lillies, Lambs Ear, Blue Iris, Hosta, Sedum and other plants I can't remember all the names of.
Have you ever tried eating the fern when it is rolled up like a fiddle head. If you cut it then, chop it up and fry it up in a little olive oil, on it's own or with some onions and garlic, it's delicious.
I love this time of year because everything is so green and reminds me of an English garden, but as the summer goes on it gets hot here and everything starts to look dry.

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