Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pottery and Cooking

There are certain things you use in the kitchen which are just special to you, and that is this casserole dish, which comes from the South of France, Vallauris. The handle is great to hold when lifting it out of the oven. Pottery has been made in this part of France, since before the Romans.

This is my Bretagne chicken casserole.
I decided to make baked apples, which I haven't had in years. I wanted to use these dishes which are specially made for baked apples. I have four and they are Hartstone Ware. With a piece of the pottery that comes up in the center of the apple to help cook it.

I didn't have any raisins, so added walnuts and honey, they were delicious.

All this pottery was
found at the thrift shop.


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