Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going a little overboard in my garden, excuse the pun !

My new mandevilla vine. I've always seen these in other people's gardens and saw one for sale, not too expensive, so couldn't resist

Yes this is where I went a little overboard, excuse the pun. As I was away on vacation I was a bit late going to my usual place for plants, the hospital, which has a great green house there. So picking up all I could, because I knew if I didn't get them all at once there was no going back for more.
Five flats of flowers, and three flats of tomato plants, which is 54 tomato plants, yes I was carried away. I almost bought a flat of hot peppers, before I realized they were not sweet peppers, in the end I just bought 3 hot pepper plants. Also some potato vines and an ornamental pepper.
Now last autumn I dug up a long narrow lawn, to make into a garden, but is this enough for 54 tomato plants?

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