Sunday, May 11, 2008

Second Day at Sea, Mon 21st April 2008

This is Leslie from Jamaica. He has been a waiter on the same ship as us, for each of our three cruises with NCL. A New England cruise, Alaska and this one. What are the odds?
The boys on deck.

It looks a little cold. Personally I was tucked up in the library reading.
I had to show you this cabin coridor, because of the carpet. It has dolphins on it and all the dolphins face forward, so you don't get turned around, which you can easily do. I thought this was a great idea.
Rob writing his journal for school, which he did every day.
Ariel Jacoby playing piano, we enjoyed his playing and singing. In the Blue Lagoon, notice the two story screen, which would show all sorts of pictures, at different times, old masters, creatures from the ocean or a Manchester United verses Barcelona soccer game. This area was a very central meeting area on the ship.

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