Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Hotch Potch of Thrift Shop Finds

Yesterday, these were my finds. This is about ten yards of a vintage fabric, I think you would classify it as bark cloth. It's one continuous length, it was possibly a swag, I have been looking for some vintage bark cloth, so I'm thrilled to find this. I would like to use it for bags. I have to think about what I will use as a complimentary lining that will do it justice.

This is a dress I bought, truly just for the buttons. But I will use the fabric to line bags. The dress has a school teacher theme.

It has seven china buttons, this is just one of them. Wish I could have taken a better photo. This photo shows the little apple theme fabric too.

This is a little liquor glass. I bought it because we have been to Knoebels. It's a lovely, reminiscent of old time theme park. You do not pay an entrance fee, but just buy tickets and each ride is so many tickets. We've been with friends and have many happy memories here. A couple of times we have stayed at a campsite nearby.

This is a set of four desert dishes, I think could be used for icecream, fruit and yogurt, jelly, or jello as they say in the States, what ever. I love the fluted, holed edging. I do not think they're old, but on the sytle of vintage glassware.

Last but not least two little outfits for a baby shower. A friend is having a little boy. These are brand new outfits with the tags still on.

Were there fun finds on your Saturday?

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  1. Just a little trivia....the wooden rollercoaster at Knoebels is the very one I used to love to ride at Playpark in San Antonio. I have wanted to go there and ride it for old times sake.

    I do like the jumper. I think I actually saw it in a catologue once...or one like it. The buttons are so cute.


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