Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is our 4th full day out on the ocean blue, Wed 23rd April 2008

Breakfast in the Blue Lagoon Restuarant. As you can see a teabag is substituting for a teapot lid. Don't you love fresh flowers on your breakfast table?

A little promenade around the deck

View over the aft

View over the side. The turmoil of the turquiose water was fascinating

View forward of the ship, not that much

Rob looking for a way out of the cold

Shuffle Board on deck

It's good to know what to do in a Titanic situation

Dinner at the Tequila Resturant. Rob and I shared this. What do you think of the aparatus for serving it on? The meat was attached to a piece from the inquisition, a wrought iron bell with pointed spokes

During dinner at the Tequila we were serenaded by Taylor

Later in the evening Bo an I at the bar

He was good guiter player. What do you think of the decor behind and around? Wheat sheaves
A little mouse to wish us good night

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