Friday, January 6, 2017

The Boy In Chicago

Hi Dear Folk,

This morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow, just cold enough to stay for a while and brighten everything up.  Dashed down to the train station and parked the car, which is harder now to find a space, since everybody is back to work.  I sat on the side where you can view the river, and got to see two herons fishing for breakfast.  I love the snow it enhances what's beautiful and covers what's dinghy.

Reading my first out of print American woman writer, her autobiography, Mary Austin - Earth Horizon.

Just a few pics from The Boy's visit to Chicago last New Years weekend.  Rob has two lots of friends who live there, Charles who's family are in Chicago and Rob met at Ithaca and Yesenia who went there to Art College from Rob's High School and now lives and works there.

He booked a ticket and the realized that it was an evening flight on Friday and not a morning flight, so had to change his ticket, needless to say it cost a lot, you know how that goes.  Live and learn, I always check and double check.  He did it late at night and was tired so another no, no on booking an airline ticket.

I always like to see what is in the bakery where ever I go.

Rob thought the Cultural Building, but correct me if wrong.

View from the John Hancock Building 96th floor Signature Bar.

Rob at a local book store, just down the road from his friends.  Looks like my kind of book store.

Breakfast at a Super Hip Diner, is how Rob puts it.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Aren't these flowers lovely?

Taken with phone, and not his good camera.



  1. Hm. Chicago looks a good place to visit.Great view from the 96th floor. Lovely to do some bird watching on the way to work.

  2. Love the breakfast and the books! Good luck with cars and parking. I know all about old cars but at least we don't depend on ours every day .

  3. PS wonderful to see a little snow. We're still waiting for ours. Almost freezing here but not even a snow flake

  4. It looks like he had a wonderful visit. I love Chicago.


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