Monday, January 2, 2017

Starting With Friends

Hi Dear Folk,

Spontaneous get together, don't you think sometimes they're the best, not so much pressure, starting the first day of 2017 with friends.  It came to me on Sunday morning that wouldn't it be nice to have a few of my girl friends over and the fact that I had Monday off work the next day to recoup if I so needed to, probably more psychological.

I made a pot of Florentine soup, wine and mint, chocolate biscuits and everybody brought something which slotted into all the missing items food wise, snacks, and desert.  So simple and just a happy evening together, laughs too.

Our little group Mr. B. took the photo.



  1. IT looks like a wonderful time Christy, you are blessed to have nice friends.

  2. Yes spontaneous is best. No pressure. Nice happy group.

  3. Looks like a lovely group of friends Christy, and your home looks very cozy. Reminds me of my English Grandparents and Mothers home :)


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