Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vehicle and Vagaries of Life

Hi Dear Folk,

Just as you think you want to really cut back, like cut back working full time and then what happens, you need a new car.  Mr. B. phoned with bad news that the engine on the Pathfinder is kaput. Running on only five cylinders and not six.  So we have swapped vehicles, as I only need to make it to the train station one mile and he needs to drive to work on a three lane highway. In town I never need a speed more than 25 miles per hour.  In fact as I said to Mr. B. if it passed inspection and kept going I wouldn't bother to get another vehicle.  Although the writing is on the wall as they are both almost sixteen years old, mine only has 110,000 though.  When I say new car I mean second hand car.

We could manage with one car, but is has it's problems.  Mr. B. could drop me off at the train station in the morning, but that means I have to walk home in the dark and also means I have no car to go out in the evenings as the hubby is at work. I don't want you to think I gallivant about in the evenings, because by the time I get home from work at around 7:00 PM I'm ready to hibernate, but one evening a week I have a meeting and positively do need a car.  Such are the vagaries of life.



  1. When we were working cars were the bane of our life especially when we lived in the country with poor public transport. Hope yours gets sorted.

  2. I hope you get it all sorted out. Needing anew car is a problem, but getting one that works well alleviates all sorts of stress.


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