Sunday, January 8, 2017

Baby Boomers Baggy Trousers

Hi Dear Folk,

I have been home ill the whole weekend, my head hurts so much that my teeth ache.  Rob had a terrible head cold a couple of days after he came back from Chicago, so probably caught it off him.

We had some more snow, not too much, but I'm at hearth and home.

The Baby Boomer generation was born between 1946 to 1964 and is now aging out between 50 to 68.  I fall right in the middle there.  I could write about the fashion industry and how they haven’t a clue how to engage this generation.  They seem to have this idea that people past fifty don’t wear clothes, or if they do they are the perfect size; some are, but most in that age group are not and we admit to that.  I could go on about how this is an ignored market, BBs have a lot of buying power but nothing to buy. 

At the Thrift and while routing through my favourite book section, on crafts, I ran across this book, No Time to Sew.  The major reason I bought it at $1.60 is that they had lovely baggy trousers to make and I have long looked for a pattern.   I always liked some of the trousers that Laura Thyme wears in Rosemary and Thyme.

Later in the evening I’m sitting down with a cup of tea, and looking at the pictures on how to make the baggy trousers when I realize, where are the patterns that they are referring to, not in the book and no instructions on how to make your own. So after some internet research I realize that the patterns to the book were sold as a separate item, but thanks to the wonder of eBay and Etsy I found a complete envelope of patterns on eBay, much cheaper than on Etsy. 

Now is my quest to at least make the baggy trousers, I would love to say I’ll make the whole coordinated wardrobe, but I know my time constraints working full time, will probably not allow me to.

So for the baggy trousers it said to use drapey fabric, at first I thought it said use drapery fabric, and then realized my mistake.  So now I am looking for a drapey fabric.  Do I go with a neutral color which is a base for a mix and match coordinated wardrobe, or do I go all flamboyant?  What I see and what’s on sale will tell and maybe just my mood that day.

I do like the basics that are put together in this book, to make up a complete coordinated wardrobe.



  1. Sorry you are poorly and hope you are better soon. I agree about the clothes that's why I like the Indian garments as whatever shape one is in you can still look elegant. I hope you find some suitable material for your trousers project.

  2. Hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy your sewing x


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