Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Long Weekend

Hi Dear Folk,

The flu bug has laid us all pretty low in our household so I'm rather behind at work, at home and blogging.  I had to take several days off work, and just let my body work through it, and that was two weekends ago and I only just now feel like I'm getting back to normal.

Today I forgot the CEO was coming down for a visit from NYC office and taking us all out to lunch, here is where we dined Del Frisco's, which is housed in the old Pennsylvania Bank and is a most stately interior, so setting is gorgeous and just around the corner from our office. I had lobster bisque soup and filet medallions served with cream potatoes and green beans, was very good.  Nice to be treated, it's not like we eat out a lot at home.

On saying that, The Boy and Mr. B. were out on the weekend and treated themselves to Texas brisket and all the fixings from one of those roadside smokers, I tried a sampling of brisket, beans and potato salad, was yummy and the boys certainly enjoyed it, was a nice treat for them.  They had run over to Phoenixville to visit a record shop.

Monday was a day off work Martin Luther King Day.  Cooked a crockpot meal of chicken and stuffing, carrots and onions, very good.

Crocheted and had a special cup of tea using a teabag that came in the mail from a friend, quiet time.

Some weekend thrift finds at 30% off.

A summer dress which I will wear with a short sleeve cardi or shrug.  It had these tacky frayed edge flowers across the front, and I took all these off, which gives the dress a classic look now.  Looking forward to summer days.

A little Indonesian box.

Of course some books.  It seems that this sculptor was rummaging round the old abandoned knitting mills in Cleveland when he ran across a stash of mint patterns and actual apparel archives packed away, from the forties to the seventies.  He brought all the stock and for several years sold it out of a shop in Brooklyn.  See the story of the Ohio Knitting Mills here and where they are today.  Some lovely old patterns in the book.

I must have been on an Ohio run because this crock is made in Zanesville, Ohio.  Just right for all sorts of things and even has the lid. American made stone ware here.

A little tea book, oh for a tea party.

Love these old bevelled hand mirrors and so handy, excuse the pun.

Last but not least repotted my poor plant.  It was OK in a plastic pot while it sat inside my grandmothers Edwardian copper pot, but out on the table that plastic pot was driving me crazy.  Here it is repotted in terra cotta, might actually do it some good with more room to spread.

And this is how I spent my long weekend.



  1. Great you've got your good health back and obviously your old zest for life. Great dress, great food, lovely photos

  2. Sorry you were ill...I did miss your blog posts! Love this post. You are so able to think out of the box to see the dress in another way.

  3. What a lovely post.
    Glad you're feeling better x

  4. Glad you're better and had a lovely weekend. The dress is beautiful and I love your inventiveness.


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