Saturday, December 10, 2016

Time To Make The Donuts

Hi Dear Folk,

Do you remember that old advert?  "Time to make the Donuts," put on by Dunkin Donuts.  Well it was my boss who mentioned that old ad, as to how he felt about our first full week here in the new office.  When you leave the house at 7:50AM and get home at 6:50PM and even later if you walk home from the station as I did several times, then you almost see yourself walking into the office as you come out.

The last couple of times I have actually made it through Suburban Station without getting turned around.  You have to find this doorway which enters right into our building from the transit system, I think I'm OK now.  What turned me around a couple of times is that I enter on Track 4, but leave on Track 1.  It's probably an entire city block under there, and in some parts quite deco, which I love, the old ticket office area has a brass foot rail, but it's wider than that so I wonder if it was to sit your luggage on as you got your ticket.  The deco lights are pretty interesting too, as is the outside front at the bottom of a sky scraper building.

Yesterday I found out that Trader Joe's is just 0.6 miles away, so walked there in my lunch hour.  Found chocolate chip waffles for Mr. B. and restrained myself from buying all the goodies one could, such as cheddar cheese from the Isle of Aran, and that exotic different country chocolate bars they always bring out at this time of year.  But at least I know now that I can buy my favorite bread.  As we have no Trader Joe's near us and would be a special trip.

May I windge, I just want a little windge, things you must learn while traveling on the train.  Do not sit near the escape windows as you can hardly see through the glass.  The older carriages have a ledge you can rest your feet on the newer carriages don't.  Positively do not sit near the doors at the end of the corridor as these open out right onto the elements and when they are opened every ten minutes for about ten stations, you just about freeze your little tootsies off.  I positively froze last night and had to crank the heat up in the house and sit with a hot water bottle just to warm up.

The positive about a train is that you just sit there and can read, or watch people, or doze, and on the way home I cannot miss my station as my stop is the end of the line.

I would like to ask a question has SEPTA ever been to Europe and looked at their train carriages? I travelled in more comfortable carriages as a teenager, when I used to take the train to High School as a kid.

My office does have a good view of City Hall an iconic building and I did post a couple of pics on Instagram.  What I like about being higher up 10th floor is that I have a wonderful view of the changing sky, fortunately it's not blocked out by sky scrapers.  Yesterday the sun was setting and reflecting off a near by skyscraper on all the windows, giving a unique glow to the tableau.

The nights I walked home which is a mile all up hill, I said to myself this is good for me, toughens the body and character, stiff upper lip.  One street they recently redid so has all new street lights and the pavement is even, you have no idea how important this is when you walk home in the dark, pulling a bag on wheels, which if it hits a ridge is wrenched out of your hand.  Yes is an eye opening different experience.



  1. Being in the UK I do not know the donut advert but then again I don't know many British ones either. It's certainly a long day for you but walking is good physically and mentally and will get easier the more you do it especially once the lighter days come. Only 11 days until it starts getting lighter! I love art deco buildings and how good to be near a Trader Joe's. I use my TJ bag every week for shopping. I can understand the confusion if you leave the station by the wrong exit as its the same in London.

  2. You're learning fast about train travel! You have such a long day. Weekends must a relief, a real opportunity to relax. At least you still have time for your blog. Interesting reading about such a different day from mine!

  3. Haha! Just used the link to watch the ad. Really funny. Yes i get that.

  4. Christy here you are finding the positive in it all once again. The building sounds wonderful, the view I am sure is gorgeous. Take time for yourself on that train ride.


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