Thursday, December 29, 2016


Hi Dear Folk,

Here are a couple of indulgences I bought at the Village Market.

A felted flower scarf from Nepal.  All the work that goes into those felted flowers.  It looks nice on if you double it up and pull the ends through the loop.  The only thing is that it is a little scratchy so I'm thinking of getting a long silk scarf and wrapping it around the stems, I think that would look nice.

Painted hair barrette from Russia.  It was the only one they had that was larger and here I am wearing it.  I had to resist all the painted boxes and Baltic amber.

Two little treats.  I have to mention the cardigan, which I found in a charity shop in the UK, and it has a tulip design, and on the same trip last year I found a marquisette broach in the shape of a tulip, which I keep on this cardigan, plus in another charity shop I found a needle point windmill picture, and this was all after Jean and I had just been to Amsterdam.  It seemed to be the theme of my vacation, or maybe psychologically I was just attuned after the trip.



  1. That scarf is so pretty and unusual. I found an Isle of Wight tile in a charity shop after I had visited so perhaps we are tuned into those things more when we have visited.

  2. Both are lovely! I think the felted scarf is so unique!

  3. Lovely finds my friend. That scarf is amazing.


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