Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Joys of Working in Philly

Hi Dear Folk,

Where to start?

First of all Blogger has a different behind the scenes face, which they've had for a while, but I just realized that I had a bunch of comments pending "Awaiting Moderation," because you are actually not notified that there is anything there now.  On a plus it now seems easier to follow and unfollow Blogs.  So many people I used to follow just don't post anymore, so a clean up has started, but needs further diligence.

Where to start on my crazy work week of moving the office to Philly.  I can honestly say that I am totally exhausted.  The actual move was on Thursday, but we went to our old office first, directed the movers, then drove by car to the new office, driving round the block several times looking for a parking space.

It was my first time down there and we do have an office with a view, a view of Philadelphia City Hall with William Penn on top, from a tenth floor window.  And it's a much more upscale office complex, with keys to get in and a front desk concierge, and even a key for the bathroom, so more upscale.

We were there to 7:00PM.  I always think cities seem to come to life at night with all the lights, and so many more this time of year.  We watched the rush hour traffic, drive around City Hall.  My boss and I caught the train back to our old office.  You walk down steps in the building right into the transit system, which is going to take me a while to figure out where I'm going, it's a labyrinth, of shops and corridors and street musicians and a cacophony of noise.  So on Thursday, I did not get back home until 8:15PM.

Friday was my first day on my own.  Mr. B. dropped me off at our local train station, at 7:55AM, in fact there are three places in town that I can pick it up, E Street, M Street and the Transportation Center.  If I was late Mr. B. could run me over to the TC, because it takes 15 minutes to get from one to the other.  The train left at 8:06AM on time and I arrived at 8:55AM on time.  My start time always was 8:30AM, so now I don't get there until 9:05AM and therefore have to work until 5:35PM.  I used to get home at 5:30PM and now I don't get home until 7:30PM, a whopping two extra hours per day, need I say more.

As nobody can pick me up from the train station I have to walk home and that is a 30 minute walk, all up hill.  All the way home I'm telling myself this is good for me, I need to walk more.  You never notice how few street lights there are or how many cracks there are in the sidewalks, until you have to walk home in the dark, pulling a bag on wheels.

I am hoping that SEPTA isn't discriminatory putting the newer carriages on a more affluent lines IE the one my boss travels on, as opposed to the older carriages on less affluent lines the one I travel on and we all pay the same money for a pass.  I was so tired coming home last night after unpacking boxes all day and cleaning and setting up my desk, and here I'm sitting on a sloping seat which I had to keep pushing myself on, so as not to slip off, a most uncomfortable ride.  I asked my son had he ever travelled down to Philly in the newer carriages and he said no.  I will hold my judgement, but I will say something to SEPTA if it proves to be so, not that it will do any good.  Our line pretty much follows the Schuylkill River down to Philly, so makes for some nice views.

On the positive side, this is an office with a view, and we had a lot of laughs over crazy things that happened, the funniest thing being a young man who took a look through the glass entrance doors to our new office and saw me lying flat out on the carpet in a totally empty office, the next thing I know an older lady, stopped by with him and said are you meant to be here?  And I said yes, and she said we thought something was wrong, holding her hand over her heart and she herself looked like she could have a heart attack any moment. Well Andrew the young IT guy, who comes from Zimbabwe and I couldn't stop laughing, because I think the other young man thought I was dead.  You know like an Agatha Christie Mystery, "Old Lady Found Dead in Empty Office."

I even took my camera down yesterday, but was so busy, totally forgot to take any, but will do so.  I am looking forward to lunch time forays.



  1. SUch a big mess with the move and the travel. I have to travel over two our s aday but it is in my car, I'd rather be on a train knitting. Still it makes for a very long day!

  2. What a long day! Glad you can still have a laugh. You seem pretty central and good to have a great view. Is it possible for you to work from home sometimes? Quite a few people I know do this now with phone and internet links sometimes doesn't matter where you are with the right equipment. I'm glad I have retired!

  3. Phew you've got a lot of travelling to do now. Hope you get used to it fast. Nice hearing about philadelphia


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