Monday, December 26, 2016

Stepping Out In The Country

Hi Dear Folk,

Today is overcast, but yesterday dawned bright and sunny, Mr. B. and I, got out for a long overdue walk.  How lovely to just be outside in the countryside of our local park.

Wearing a jumper, hat and scarf that my mum made.  I love the colours in this hat, but what to do with it as my mum had made it so long, so I came up with this idea from a hat I bought in Yorkshire a few years ago.  It was from one of the many old woolen mills there that have been made into multi craft centres.  The rounded edge is a foam ring, around which you wrap the edge of the hat, and by doing this I was able to use up the length of the hat and get to wear it.  I love the autumn leaf design.  I have orange gloves to match, also too large, but I'm thinking of gathering the back of the wrist and this would take up some of the excess size.  By the way the jumper fits perfectly.  Remembering my mum.


Babbling Brook


  1. Beautiful scenery and I love your outfit especially the hat. Nice to remember your mum. We are opposite to u. Grey n wet yesterday but cold n bright today so we had a lovely walk along the river and back through the park. It's so good to be out in the countryside.

  2. It looks like a lovely day. Happy Holidays,

  3. The hat is lovely and I love what you did with it! What a nice keepsake from your Mum!

  4. Oo I needed that breath of fresh air, thank you x


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