Sunday, December 18, 2016

Doomed to Disappear, Quest for Quality

Hi Dear Folk,

Yes it did snow overnight and we woke up to this iced wonderland, doomed to disappear as the temperature rose up into the 50s and 60s today.  It's dull and overcast, and not that we really need a fire, but it is damp and we are all home so to be cheery the wood fire has been lit.

My neighbour planted her garden to have colour in the winter and this bush is glorious, so had to go over and capture the beauty if you truly can.

We had a quest this weekend for a stand up clothes rack for the hallway. Really my quest as I am fed up with the coats being thrown over the stairs banister and although there isn't much room in the hallway, I will make it work.  There is a small closet but it's stuffed and when it's a coat you're using every day you just want quick access to it.

I was thinking IKEA but Mr. B. said let's check out a couple of thrifts, he had one in mind.  The man there did not have anything but suggested more of an antique shop that might.  I'm glad we went that route as we came across a lovely old wood rack with a delicate inlay all around the bottom and up the trunk of the rack.  It also has the old rounded hat hooks and two rows off coat hooks.  Some screws need replacing, as the old screws are flat head rounded.

It was all dried out, as they did not actually have it out on the shop floor but were using it in their office.  Mr. B. has it in the basement working his magic, he does a great job on restoring old wood, with steel wool and oils and stain.  The only problem with that is it may take a while to dry out totally and actually be able to use it, never mind.

Probably I would think from the twenties or thirties, look at the workmanship in the rounded flattened out hook heads.  So suits our house much more than IKEA, as was built in 1926.

Also in these hat hooks.  I'm glad Mr. B. led us down this path.



  1. That will be so beautiful and much better than a modern Ikea coat stand. I love the berries in the snow. The berries are amazing here this winter but no snow yet.

  2. It is a perfect place to park your coat. Well done.


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